Welcome to my blog, where I talk about some of my travels when I have a little bit of free time on my hands.

Me about to leave home for ages (can’t even roll my jeans the right length, how will I survive on the other side of the world)

Between finishing school and starting uni, I spent a year working as an au pair. For the most part I was working in Sydney, which was an incredible base for exploring as much of Australia as time and money allowed. There I looked after two gorgeous boys, one of whom was 7 months old when I arrived, and the elder who was coming up to 4 years old. This was a real challenge but taught me so many things about life and rewarded with me with experiences which have massively shaped the things I have done since and the way I live my life. The people I met during this time were absolutely amazing towards me; I was very lucky. Afterwards, I moved onto Berlin, where I worked for a family with 8 year old twins. I found Germany to be a culture shock, even though I had been so much before; it was very different once I was there for a longer period of time. The children were much more challenging and needed much less care than the boys in Sydney, so it was an altogether different experience. Overall, it was a very realistic insight into some of the things I might face when I do a year abroad as part of my degree.


I ended up doing so many things that it was hard to blog regularly, but I still stick at it a bit because it’s mind blowing how many things you think you’ll remember but really vanish from your memory. Even if I look back at what I’ve written and cringe, at least there is a reminder of all the happy, sad, exciting, scary, or crazy moments I’ve had. Feel free to ask me any questions and I hope you enjoy reading!