What I learnt as an au pair

The year has been a real rollercoaster (in the best way imaginable) and so here are a just a couple of things I think I’ve learnt.

  • The more you put in, the more you get out. Everything you do is worth it.
  • Your diary is a saviour. It is your friend to chat to, your shoulder to cry on, the thing that can remind you of random things you’d otherwise forget.
Thanks Rhi, you bought me this!
  • Love your sunglasses. They’ve become a part of me. When you’re wandering around on your own, they keep you anonymous and definitely make a lot less strangers approach you.
  • The art of bribing children. It’s amazing the power that excitedly whispering “can you…” as if it were a secret, can give you.
  • Life is DIFFERENT in a city. In both Berlin and Sydney, there were neighbors I just didn’t sight the whole time. A stark contrast from my road back home, where my neighbours  emailed me local gossip and informed me Blake was using my bedroom mirror to quiff his hair – priceless!
  • Voice messages are a life saver! It’s almost better than FaceTime because you can save the message to listen to when you really need a boost and you can send one even when the other person isn’t available to chat. It’s like Christmas every time someone sends you one.
  • How to nap on a bus. I’m usually dosing off after about 10 mins on any bus or train now. 
  • Kids are AMAZING. They see the world in a different way and grow each day before your eyes and it is so rewarding. Oh, and they are soo easy to fall in love with.

  • Brits should never complain about what’s on tv. It’s worse Down Under und immer noch schlimmer in Deutschland. Although Janet King and Farmer Wants a Wife were up there.
  • I will never be a morning person. Having said that, 7.30am is now a lie in, so maybe I am!
  • You’ve got to find a way to document your time. If not, you’ll really regret it. So far I’ve got the blog, four diaries, a scrapbook and probably over a thousand photos. 
  • The bond you form with families  when you live them can’t be underestimated. Living with new people can daunting, but you become so close and go through a lot together and it’s really hard to say goodbye.

  • What it means to be generous. I have met so many incredibly welcoming, kind and generous people this year that have treated me better than I could imagine possible.
  • How to be a sister. This lot set the bar high…

  • Nappies, baby food, bottles, baths, car seats, sleep routines and avocados!
  • There are some things that you’ve got to live in Australia to understand. A tourist is too busy to notice when everyone is driving barefoot, to hear someone say “Far out!” or pick up on these hilarious signs in so many public toilets.

  • Time differences suck. When you already feel lonely, nothing makes you feel more empty than knowing everyone at home is asleep
  • How to be grateful for the interactive shopping mall maps. Malls in Australia are huge! Because after a few laps of every level, you do have to admit you’re lost.
  • It is not easy to adjust to another family’s routine.
  • Life is short. Savour every moment, say yes to everything and remember it’s a good idea to listen to WebDoctor, if you think you might have appendicitus. 
  • It is the opportunity of a lifetime to live and work where other people dream of travelling to!

  • There is nothing more magical or infectious than hearing children shrieking hysterically with laughter. 
  • You get a really realistic insight in what it’s like to be parents. It’s not easy and you can’t be perfect.
  • Kids can be so manipulative.
  • Never underestimate being an au pair. There’s nothing easy about it, however it looks from the outside. You’ve got to look after the kids, then look after yourself, alongside all the challenges of living in a new country.
  • Patience. Don’t think or judge too soon. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • You will learn so much from the people you meet.

  • Your feet might leave home, but your heart is always there.


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  1. You are righ in every single point that you´ve written, I love you list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. claudia says:

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


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