How do you say Miedzyzdroje?

Somehow I was lucky enough to go on another weekend to Poland, this time to the Baltic Sea. The only English person among many Eastern Europeans, my only photos were taken where I didn’t think I had a chance of being shouted at for taking photos. So, let me try my best to paint a picture of my great time in Miedzyzdroje for you. Good luck pronouncing that.

It’s 9pm and after dumping our bags in the apartment, we head to the beach. The sunset is beautiful and I become convinced that I can sense how far north we are. It must be the hunger. At the children’s pace, it takes the better part of an hour to reach the town centre, with a pier, square of restaurants and plenty of noise. Each restaurant has big, garish signs and I consider how funny it would be to try and read some of the Polish words out loud. As we place our order at the ‘Nemo’ seafood restaurant, a band begin to play. Boy, are we in for a treat.


We can get by with German, but there’s no wonder the English don’t come here. At the start of each song I tell myself “I know this!”, but when the lyrics begin I realise a Polish artist has just taken the melody from another song. They’re doing 80s pop and the people on the dance floor are LOVING it. I try to work out whether these people know they’re dancing to the tune of Step Into Christmas but the answer is obvious and I carry on eating. It’s too loud to talk so we people watch and Girl Twin falls asleep on my lap. This place is so entertaining and unlike anything I’d usually go to at home and I just feel the need to laugh out loud!  On the table next to us, a Polish family have a near empty bottle of vodka in their wine cooler. Respect. As we walk home, Girl Twin holds my hand and tells me how I’m really like a sister to her. It’s so lovely.

The next morning we eat breakfast like kings and it’s awesome. Host dad has brought fruit, veg, yoghurt, bread, croissants, smoothies, jam, Nutella, muesli, milk, cheese and meat. We head to the beach and this is what we find…


The kids are hilarious and run around playing for hours. It’s freezing and windy yet there are still people all over the beach, albeit under the blanket instead of on top! We meet with host dad’s cousin and I shop with his wife. I buy postcards at a quarter of the price of German ones and buy a key ring which I actually fall in love with. After a snack break we walk for maybe an hour further along the beach to see something. Perhaps it isn’t ideal weather but we troop onwards until we reach our exciting destination!

Wasn’t sure how to feel after walking to admire this bit of sand dune
My beloved
Took a picture of these sticks in case it was the Polish flag…don’t actually think it is!

Tshirt for sale telling me I’m an adventure story. My favourite was the grammatically advanced : “sorry, I need to go internet”
By this time the kids both have wet shoes and when we get home, Girl Twin goes to bed ill and I watch a 24 hour racing car race with the boys. Around 9, host dad goes out with his cousin and Boy Twin carries on watching the car race avidly. They have 18 hours to go. I try to give him time to prepare for the fact I’ll be sending him to bed soon. I lay my generous offer of 30 more minutes of tv on the table and he responds by telling me his dad has said he can stay up till he returns. Unfortunately “yeah right” isn’t enough and earnestly, I battle on in German, trying to explain that since he is aged 8 he might struggle to stay up into the early hours anyway.

In the morning, we complete breakfast marathon round two and vacate our apartment. Yesterday’s eerie fog has lifted and Miedzyzdroje is sizzling hot and sunny. We stroll over to the beach but it’s forbidden, since Girl Twin is ill. Unless you fancy the wax museum or want to spend your Sloty on a Lody there’s not much else to do here. We head back to Berlin, but not without encountering some shocking driving. Apparently it’s normal to have a car driving towards you in your lane after overtaking someone else on a bend. You just have to use the hard shoulder. And would you look at their road signs too…

What’s the speed limit?
Looking at the beach longingly

Edit: I totally forgot to write about my grass vodka. It’s vodka with a piece of grass in. Host dad kindly bought it for me! Won’t need to try it more than once :p



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  1. Ta says:

    Wow!! Those sand dunes are awesome… I mean that sand dune is awesome. Love reading your posts.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Steve says:

    Love the speed limit road sign. Or should that be the two speed limit road signs?


    1. claudia says:

      Maybe it’s for Polish people who drive on the wrong side of the road?!


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