An Aussie Christmas (via hospital)

Now that I can’t get much further behind on my blog I reckon I really really need to catch up. Where to begin?

It’s been an eventful few months, in which I’ve been overnight to hospital, the Blue Mountains and Newcastle. This blog post can be the story of my surprise appendectomy, the day before Christmas Eve. Not what I anticipated when I signed up for new challenges and experiences!

I’ve always thought of myself as a massive wus, especially when it comes to pain, illness and injury. After a day of feeling really sick but saying I was sure it would pass, I had a quick Google. My medic of an iPad was basically flashing APPENDICITUS at me, whilst my ‘I never get ill’ self was eating fajitas in denial. Later on I read a bit more and realised this wasn’t really the kind of thing you could ignore.

Manda took me to the doctor who then sent us on to the hospital, where I got to spend a joyous few hours shivering on a drip in the emergency room. I wasn’t really with it, but it just felt like a lifetime and it was also super embarrassing having my first ever blood test and acting like a massive baby. It was a bit of an ordeal for your first trip to hospital though, to be fair.

Next I got to have some morphine and I must have slept and at 2am ish I was finally in a ward and Manda went home. I was so grateful she had been there that long and then when she left I just cried myself to sleep because I was on my own and didn’t know where the nurses were. At 4am a surgeon came to see me and I signed for an op after she explained it all. Our ward were woken at 6am and we all took it turns to go and have showers. I got given a surgical sponge which magically produces soap once it gets wet. It seemed like something you’d have in space, but I really know nothing. The next blonde moment was putting the robe on as I tried to put it on like you would a dressing gown and anyone who has been there and done that, will know it just won’t cover you that way. The cleaner came to my rescue and put it on properly for me, so I just went back to my drip.

Fortunately the wait until my operation was short, however the trip the theatre wasn’t. I had to go to the loo twice, say my details five times and have about 12 different people come and look at me, but then that left little time for “oh my goodness I’m about to have an operation”, which is no bad thing. The next thing I knew I was in a post op room, with twin babies on my left and an elderly man on my right. Just like in a film, when I came round everything was white and bright and I felt like was just starting my life again or something surreal!

Flowers next to my bed in hospital
All drugged up after the op 

Later in the afternoon I had visitors and flowers which was soooo lovely. My Mum and Dad called me a few times on the ward which was awesome too. Funnily enough I  could eat fine that afternoon but after one sniff of the hospital food later on my appetite was gone.

Try to imagine the smell…

Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful, I watched the family of the guy opposite come and go all day and I listened to the guy next to me make extremely strange and loud noises. I tried to make friends with the nurses, they were all a bit busy. I made a list of questions about what I could and couldn’t do when I left hospital for the surgeon, he was not impressed. I went for a walk downstairs to buy food, then couldn’t eat any of it.


Thankfully I got home on Christmas Eve at 10pm, all in one piece and in time for an Aussie Christmas. Couldn’t be luckier to have such great family and friends here, thank you!



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