North Sydney Olympic Pool

This was probably one of the coolest places I’ve visited in Sydney so far. Yes, it’s just a swimming pool, of which there are many. But this one sits under the Harbour Bridge and was just incredible. So many other tourists I speak to say they feel really emotional every time they see the bridge and I totally agree.



The pool was fab. It’s art deco styled and was opened in 1936. The changing rooms are so old fashioned, but they weren’t manky, they were very clean. There is tiered seating on the near side of this photo and that’s where I sat, in the shade. The water was salty and cool, nice and refreshing. While I was there a couple of school groups came, plus lots of people swimming in their work breaks. Can you imagine bowling up here for school swimming?!

So today was scorching and couldn’t have been more beautiful really. I was swimming in the pool and was constantly just trying to remind myself that this is real and that I am living in Australia. I’ve been here a few months and I still cannot believe it.

On the other hand though, my life at home is beginning to seem really, really distant. It feels like I’ve forgotten what it’s like being with my friends or what home looks like. Australia is probably the furthest away place I could be in the world! You just have to keep yourself caught up in the moment, as thinking about home too much is overwhelming.

Anyway you cannot complain one bit, when this is the view you have!

Something else that is interesting is the completely different attitude to the sun here. And the fact it’s a different sun here! You just don’t see as many people sunbathing as it’s so dangerous. Today I was just hunting for shade, to the point where I was crossing every road to walk in the shade. Plus wearing a cap, which is something I’d never need at home!

Later I walked back to the Rocks because it was so beautiful and I though it was a good time to walk across the bridge. It was incredibly windy so I put my cap on really tight, then ended up with a dent in my forehead! When I got to the other side I had a unmentionably big chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. Yum!

Milsons Point




Cruise boat at Circular Quay



The city is getting pretty Christmassy, with decorations everywhere and events advertised. I am trying to avoid it all until December, but then hopefully I’ll be ready to soak all of that up!



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